Bring You the Feeling!

Bringz is bringing a new experience to everyone’s finger tips - social ticketing! Build, maintain and entertain your community creating an event experience like never before.


Easy to Organise

Create and share an event in 3 short steps. Let our awesome tools do all the hard stuff, while you focus on what matters the most - putting on a great event.

Less Fussing

No need to fuss around with paper tickets - Bringz is your ticket! Mobile tickets are provided and scanned on site to making your experience that much smoother.

Build a Community

Let the excitement build and watch your event go viral as people discover your experience through their friends and buy tickets in two taps!



Bringz is for All... Big and Small

We’re used by some of the largest event organisers in the UK. That said,

whether you’re hosting a Mac ’n’ cheese festival, night out or an intimate gig,

Bringz will bring the best out of any live experience.

All Your Events in One Place 

Search, filter, check-in attendees, live statistics, some of the many

features to the Bringz dashboard, making it easy and efficient to

manage all of your events in one place.

Download Our App

Looking to grab tickets to an event and share your rockstar moments? Download our mobile app on the App Store now!